DOFUS Retro - Reporting Prohibited Behavior

DOFUS Retro has a new reporting center directly in the game.

As a result, starting July 19, 2023, reports of players' rule-violating behavior will no longer be processed through Ankabox or Discord, but directly in the game or via the Support form.


What behaviors can be reported in-game?

Any behavior will be reportable in-game, except for multi-accounting behavior on the single-account server.


How do you report harmful behavior in the game?

If you encounter harmful behavior during a play session, you can report it in-game by following these steps:


1) Select the target character.

There are a few different ways to select the character:

  • Left-click directly on the character.
  • Click on the player's message or on the player's nickname in the chat window.
  • If the player is in your enemy list, friends list, or guild roster, you can begin the reporting process by clicking on their nickname.
  • If you're reporting a bot, you can also click on the nickname of the reported player in the list of battles.

2) Send your report. 

Add details to your report.

Once the option "Report player" is chosen in the drop-down menu, an interface opens so that a report can be made.



This interface allows you to:

  • verify that you're reporting the right player
  • select the type of behavior being reported

When you mouse over one of these reasons, a description of the behavior allows you to check and confirm your choice.


Based on the type of behavior, the interface will give you different options.
For example, for a report of insulting remarks, the interface informs you that a record of the conversation will be attached to the report, and it asks if you'd like to stop getting messages from the reported player.

A box labelled "Additional information" allows you to provide more details if necessary.

You can then submit your report by clicking the "Confirm" button.


Confirm your report.

A pop-up will appear for you to confirm your report.

If you click:

  • "No", you'll be able to correct or cancel your report.
  • "Yes", you'll get a notification about your action in the chat (red if there was an error; green if successful).



If successful, your report will be sent to the moderation team, who will take care of it and apply a sanction to the player account if the reported facts are confirmed and the sanction is justified.

Please note: You will not receive any notification about the sanction being applied. 

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