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→ What is the WAVEN Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass for WAVEN is an in-game feature consisting of various objectives that let you unlock free (and paid) rewards by naturally progressing in the game.

There are two paid options that grant extra rewards:  

- Gold Pass 

- Platinum Pass

Note that the Platinum Pass also provides the Gold Pass rewards.


How does the WAVEN Battle Pass work?

The Battle Pass for WAVEN works in a very simple way so you can have the most enjoyable play experience. This is based on three main ideas:  

- A theme on the current season (a season equals 28 days and is split into four stages, each lasting one week).

- Each week you get seven new objectives (and the associated rewards once the objectives are completed).

- Each objective requires you to win two battles; so you'll have to do 14 battles a week to get the rewards for each stage.
Just so you know, you can do all the battles on the last day of the Battle Pass, and you'll still get all the rewards associated with the active Battle Pass.


How much does the WAVEN Battle Pass cost and how do I get it?

The WAVEN Battle Pass has three tiers: 

- Free: costs nothing; doesn't need to be activated

- Gold Pass
- Platinum Pass

It can be activated in-game by clicking on the relevant tab (in the upper-right corner of your screen).


What rewards can I get with the WAVEN Battle Pass?

There's a wide array of rewards you can use to upgrade your character and companions, and to show other adventurers your amazing collection of cosmetic items.

The WAVEN Battle Pass may offer: 

- chests with equipment, spells, or companions

- kamas (in-game currency)

- gems (to buy offers in the shop)

- killing blow, critical hit, or hero/companion spawn effects

- emotes

- extra dialogue

- pets 

- equipment, spell, or companion runes

- various cosmetic items 

You can see a list of rewards for the current season that can be unlocked with each Battle Pass in the special interface in WAVEN.


→ Can I get a refund on my WAVEN Battle Pass? 

There are certain conditions for you to get a Battle Pass refunded; these can be found here.

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