Which actions are not allowed in restricted mode?

The list of actions that can't be performed in restricted mode includes (among others):


  • Exchanging items (including character-to-character exchanges, markets, access to chests that can be made public, and NPCs).
  • Activating merchant mode.
  • Buying or selling items (via markets and merchant mode).
  • Deleting items (including placing items on the ground).
  • Altering characteristic and spell points (except by using items).
  • Altering the rank powers and/or member list of a guild.
  • Deleting or creating characters.
  • Any crafting that involves using items to create different items (so harvesting is allowed).
  • Using chat channels other than the following: Public, Guild, Friend list (if they have added you too), Group (adding friends is possible, however).
  • Using an item on someone else (bread etc.).
  • Accessing the Kama Exchange.
  • Neutering a Dragoturkey.
  • Opening a paddock.
  • Consulting or modifying (purchase and sale) market items.
  • Buying houses/paddocks or putting them up for sale (removing them from sale is allowed).
  • Modifying house/chest codes.
  • Modifying "boost" points for guild Perceptors.
  • Leaving a guild.
  • Removing a friend from the friend list.
  • Forgetting a profession.
  • Zaap use is limited to 1 per minute.
  • Setting mounts free (equivalent to deleting mounts).
  • Feeding Livitinems or pets.
  • Attacking or defending a Perceptor.
  • Attacking or defending a Prism.
  • Taking part in a multi-player fight (with other players in your team).
  • Using spell or characteristic point scrolls.
  • Learning spells using scrolls.
  • Using potions given by Ogrine services (colour change, etc.).
  • Changing alignment.
  • Deleting items via token shops.
  • Feeding Dragoturkeys.
  • Joining a fight with a Perceptor (be it attacking or defending).
  • Cooperative crafting.
  • Connecting to the heroic server.
  • Removing Perceptors that do not belong to the character (i.e. placed by other characters).
  • Marriage and divorce.


On Ankama sites

  • Transactions linked to DOFUS (such as subscription or buying Ogrines) or in the Ankama Shop.
  • Using DOFUS services or the Kama Exchange.
  • Modifying personal information linked to the account, such as the password or e-mail address. However, it is possible to change an account's security level, regardless of the level at which it is set at the time.
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