What is Ankama Shield?

Ankama Shield is an account protection system that Ankama created for its players.

The service improves your account security by protecting you from attempted account and equipment thefts.  It is completely free and compatible with the DOFUS game and all Ankama sites.

You can configure and manage Ankama Shield by going to the "Security" tab of your account management interface: https://secure.ankama.com/fr/votre-compte/securite

How does it work? 

If Ankama Shield is activated and somebody manages to steal your account, the thief's computer will not be recognised. It will not be able to take full control of your account and will only be able to carry out limited actions in-game.

When this happens, the account is placed in "restricted mode". This prevents the account from carrying out any actions that might have negative effects for its owner.

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