How do I activate Ankama Authenticator?

To benefit from the added protection of Ankama Authenticator, you will need to make sure that the information registered on your account is correct.

You must have a certified account. In other words:

  • The account must be in your name
  • You must have access to the email address associated with the account
  • You must know the answer to your secret question.

Follow these steps to link your account to the Authenticator:

  1. Open the "Ankama Authenticator" application
  2. Click on the "My Ankama accounts" tab and select "Add an account"
  3. Enter the account name and password of the account you wish to protect
  4. Enter your secret answer
  5. Enter the security code sent to the email address associated with your account

We will provide you with a recovery code. This code is very important. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe!

Congratulations! Your account is now protected by Ankama Authenticator!

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