Change or cancel my subscription / booster pack / bonus pack

When you purchase digital content from Ankama, you agree to the content being provided to you immediately, thus waiving your right of withdrawal.

For reference, here is section 7 of the TCS that you agree to by confirming your order.


For certain reasons, however, you may request a refund or modification (account error, item error, issue with the configuration needed to install the game, etc.).

Under certain conditions, Support will agree to refund or make changes to your purchase. Please note that to request a refund or modification, you must submit a ticket on the Support website.


Canceling my purchase

Ankama Support agrees to cancel, and therefore refund, your purchase, as long as: the refund request is made no later than 14 calendar days from the date the content was purchased; 

  • the content was bought using a bank card or PayPal account; 
  • the content hasn't been consumed in-game

We consider the content non-consumed if: 

  • For a purchased subscription/Bonus Pack/Booster Pack/Battle Pass the player has less than 2 hours logged in to the game starting from when they activated the content.
  • Also, for a Battle Pass with the game WAVEN, any paid rewards must not have been collected in-game.
  • For virtual currencies such as Ogrines/goultines/gems/Krosmaga kamas, if they haven't been spent, in whole or in part; 
  • For all other content (virtual items, services, etc.), if they have not been assigned to the game character.
  • Be aware that a refund will not be possible if the content was bought with a payment method other than PayPal or bank card.

Change the account with an active subscription/Bonus Pack/Booster/Battle Pass

You may change the subscribed account as long as: 

  • Your request is made no later than 14 calendar days from the date the content was purchased; 
  • You have less than 2 hours logged in to the game from when the content was activated; 
  • You haven't consumed the gifts/rewards in-game by assigning them to a game character.

If this is the case, please contact Support and provide the following information:

  • the account with an active subscription, Booster, or Bonus Pack
  • the order number
  • the date and total
  • the account you'd like to subscribe with

Modifying my purchase

Support will agree to modify the content purchased, as long as: 

  • the price of the content you want is the same as the one purchased; 
  • you haven't consumed the purchased content by assigning it to a game character; 
  • your modification request is made no later than 14 calendar days from the date the content was purchased.

If it was a subscription/Booster/Bonus Pack/Battle Pass, your play time with it active must be under 2 hours.


To avoid any errors, when making the purchase, be sure to check: 

  • the account you're logged in with before making the purchase;
  • the server and character you're going to collect the items on;
  • the item you want to purchase, by carefully reading the description of the content.
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