How do I add a new computer ?

When you connect using a new computer, it will not be recognised as a trusted computer, and a message will display. Ankama Shield will give you two options:

  • Grant the computer your full authorisation (recommended if it is your own computer)

  • Allow the computer access for this gaming session (recommended if you are connecting from an Internet café, a library, a friend's house, etc.)

In both cases, we will send a security code to the email address attached to your account. Make sure you have access to it.

If you have authorised the computer for one session, access to the game from the same computer will go back to restricted mode when you log out. If you log back in again, you will have to repeat the steps in order to unblock the computer again.

If you wish to remove a computer from your trusted list, all you have to do is go to the Security tab of your account management interface and delete the computer in question from your trusted list.

The procedure is the same for adding a new Internet browser. It may seem restrictive, but it needs to be to keep your account safe if it's ever stolen. All suspicious connections to an account are blocked in order to keep the account safe.

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