I have a problem with Ankama Shield, what should I do?

There are several reasons you might be having a problem with Ankama Shield. Here are the most common ones.

Service unavailable

If you are a Windows XP user, this operating system is unfortunately no longer compatible with Ankama Shield for security reasons as it is no longer being updated by Microsoft.

If you use another operating system, the service may be unavailable because of your connection or because you're using a proxy. This type of problem is generally caused by Internet Explorer.

If you are experiencing connection problems when using that browser, you should go to Tools > Internet Options > Connection > Network settings and untick all the options.

However, if you are using a proxy, you will need to tick "Automatically detect connection settings" or manually enter the address of your proxy server in the "Proxy server" field.

I have to authorise my computer every time I log in to the game

The 11 December 2012 patch created a bug which forces certain players to reauthorise their computer repeatedly.

Please go to the security tab of your account management interface and delete the computer that you had to authorise before via your account management.

You will be able to restart the game, unblock restricted mode again and define Ankama Shield's security level.

Please select MEDIUM-level protection instead of the recommended highest level.

If this does not solve the problem, start again, this time selecting the minimum level.

Rest assured that you will not be any less well-protected by choosing this security level.

You can then apply this solution to all of your accounts.


I am unable to authorise more than 5 machines

You should not be able to authorise more than 5 gaming machines. This limit was set by Ankama.

To add new machines, you will first have to delete one of the other machines' authorisation. To do so, go to the Security tab of your account management interface.


If our solutions have not helped you solve this problem, or if you are experiencing other problems, please contact us, making sure to explain the issue in as much detail as possible(circumstances, screenshots, etc.).

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