Obtain Ogrines

What are Ogrines?

Ogrines are a currency that can be obtained and used throughout Ankama's universe.They were designed to create a more pleasant gaming experience by encouraging free trade and creating flexibility: with Ogrines, industrious players can even buy subscription time without paying any real-life money!

In addition, Ogrines make certain advantageous services available: changing your character's colours, sex, name, or even gaining an extra character slot!

Ogrines also allow you to buy and sell kamas safely, as they can be used as currency on the Kama Exchange. 


How do I obtain Ogrines?

There are three ways to obtain Ogrines.

  • Buying: You can buy Ogrines on Ankama sites in the same way as you would buy a subscription. Choose a quantity of Ogrines and a payment method, and your account will immediately be credited with the corresponding number of Ogrines.
  • Exchanging: In the games or on our sites via the Kama Exchange (KE).
  • Promotional offers: Ankama gives away Ogrines as part of certain events and promotions... Only on special occasions, mind!
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