Transfer a character to another server

How do character transfers work ?

With character transfers, players can move one or more characters from one server to another.

This service costs 9,000 Ogrines. If you want to transfer several characters, you can move them at the same time and take advantage of our special offer: 9,000 Ogrines + 5,000 Ogrines per extra character transferred.

Once the transfer has been booked, you can continue to use your character on its current server until the next weekly server maintenance after your request. Server maintenances take place every Tuesday. You have until midnight on Sunday to reserve or cancel a server transfer. Any reservations made after 00:00 on Monday will be carried out during the following week's maintenance. If you cancel your transfer, the Ogrines spent will be returned to your account.

Characters will therefore be transferred with whatever they have on their person at the time of the maintenance. Make sure you have put everything you want to take with you into the character's inventory.


What will be transferred ?

 The character will be transferred along with any items he has equipped, the contents of his inventory, his Dragoturkey, his Dragoturkey's inventory and the contents of the character's stable. Mount certificates found in the character's inventory will be placed in the bank before the transfer. Only the equipped mount and mounts stored in the stable will be transferred.

As the bank account is linked to your account and not to your character, its contents will remain on the original server.

Items in markets will not be transferred. You'll have to remove any items you have on sale before the transfer.

Similarly, your house, the contents of your house and guild chests, your paddocks and any mounts in paddocks will remain on the original server. Don't forget to equip your character with everything you want to take with you and to sell your houses/paddocks before leaving a server for good.


What are the conditions and restrictions?

Several conditions and restrictions apply to transfers. Please see below for more information.

  • Only characters who are level 20 or higher - or level 20 or higher in a profession - can be transferred.

  • A player can only transfer a character to a server within their own community.
  • Only one character transfer is authorised per month, per account. It's possible to transfer one or several characters from the same server at the same time but the service will will then become unavailable for a month starting from the maintenance during which the transfer is made.
  • The number of transfers a server can handle each week is limited by quotas. This permits us to better control the flux of migration and to avoid having a server suddenly be saturated by hundreds of new characters. Once the quotas are passed, the server is no longer listed in the destination server list, until the following week.
  • It's not possible to transfer a character from a classic server to the Heroic Server, or vice versa. If you use this service, your character will automatically be excluded from your guild as soon as they arrive on the new server. If you're the leader and last active member of your guild, the guild will also be deleted.
  • Characters with mercenary alignment will go back to neutral on the new server. All items in the character's inventory relating to the mercenary alignment will be deleted during the transfer.
  • If you use this service and in the meantime your account is temporarily suspended, the transfer will still be performed normally. However, if your account is definitively banned, no character transfer can take place.


 To cancel a transfer

 You can reserve or cancel your transfer until Sunday at midnight. To do so, go to the following page:

If you select the "Transfer a character" tab, you'll be given the possibility to cancel the service. When you cancel the transfer, your account will be credited for the Ogrines spent.

A confirmation of the service cancellation will be sent to your email address.


I have a problem that's not listed

For certain problems, we invite you to detail your problem by clicking on the "Send a Request" link at the bottom of this page.

Your request will be analysed and handled by Support as quickly as possible.

You'll receive a response to your ticket at the e-mail address linked to your account.

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