Transfer a character to another server

How do character transfers work?

Character transfers allow users to transfer one or more of their characters from one server to another.

This is a paid service, except for transfers between Temporis servers.

This service costs 9,000 ogrines. If a user wants to transfer several characters on a single account, they can do so all at once and take advantage of a special offer: 9,000 ogrines + 5,000 ogrines per extra character transferred.

Once the transfer has been reserved, you'll be able to continue to use your character on their server until the weekly server maintenance following your transfer request. This takes place every Tuesday. Players can reserve or cancel their transfer until midnight on Sundays. Starting from 12:00 a.m. on Mondays, reservations made will be for the following week's maintenance. If you cancel a transfer, the player's account will be recredited with the ogrines spent.

Characters will be transferred with most of the possessions they have at the time of maintenance. So make sure you take into account the details below about what can be transferred and that you've correctly put everything you want to transfer in your character's inventory.


What can be transferred?

The character is transferred along with all their equipped items, the contents of their inventory, their mount, and the contents of their mount's inventory.

Please note: If your character's nickname is already in use on the new server, you will have to change it. In this case, the nickname change is free.

Only the equipped mount is transferred. If there were any mount certificates in your character's inventory before a transfer, they will be transferred to the bank of the character's original server. You can then recover them by logging in with a character on that server and going to the bank.

Since the bank is linked to an account and not to a character, its contents remain on the original server.

Themes and additional rooms in your Haven Bag are also linked to your account. They will therefore be waiting for you after your transfer. However, the contents of the Haven Bag's safe remain on the original server. So remember to put the contents of your safe in your inventory, or sell them.

Likewise, the house, contents of chests in the house, guild, paddocks and mounts in paddocks and stables stay on the original server. You'll need to remember to give the character any items you want to take along, as well as to sell their houses and paddocks before leaving a server for good.

Marketplaces' contents are not transferred; you need to recover your items for sale before the transfer.

Are There Any Restrictions on Character Transfers?

Transfers are subject to a certain number of conditions and restrictions. Please read them carefully.

  •  Only level-20 or higher characters can be transferred (except transfers between Temporis servers).

  • Players can only transfer characters to a server in the same community. 

  • Only one character transfer is allowed each month per account (except transfers between Temporis servers). One or more characters can be transferred from a single server at once, but the service will be blocked for one month following the maintenance where the transfer is performed.

  • The number of transfers a server can handle in a single week is limited by quotas. These allow us to better control the flow of migrations and to avoid a given server becoming suddenly saturated by hundreds of new characters. Once these quotas have been reached, the server is no longer available in the list of destination servers until the following week

  • It is not possible to transfer characters between different types of servers (classic, heroic, epic, and Temporis), nor is it possible to transfer characters from a classic server to a classic single-account server.

  • With the exception of these transfers from Temporis servers to classic servers, characters cannot be transferred between servers of different types (classic, heroic, epic, and single account). If you use this service, your character will be automatically excluded from your guild upon arrival at the new server. If you were the leader or the last active member of your guild, the guild will be erased.

  • If you use this service and your account is temporarily suspended in the meantime, the transfer will proceed as normal. However, if your account is permanently banned, no character transfer shall take place.


How Can I Cancel a Transfer?

You can reserve or cancel your transfer until midnight on Sundays. To do so, you need to go to the service's page on the DOFUS website.

You can cancel the service by selecting the "Transfer a character" tab. By canceling the transfer, your account will be recredited for the ogrines spent.

You will be sent a service cancellation email.


I Have a Different Issue. What Should I Do?

For certain specific cases, please describe your problem to us by clicking on the "Send a Request" link at the bottom of this page.

The Support team will examine and process your request as soon as possible.

You will receive a response to your ticket at the email address linked to your Support account.

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