Activate and receive my subscription / Booster Pack / Bonus Pack

Did you pay for a subscription, Bonus Pack or Booster Pack but you didn't receive it? 

Don't panic! Before asking the Support team, we suggest checking a few things.  

  1. If you're using a subscription token, please activate your subscription / Booster through the gift interface in DOFUS / WAKFU.
  2. You'll need to be as patient as Xelor for a few minutes because sometimes there is a slight delay between purchasing and when the purchase appears in the game.  
  3. Log out and log back in to the Ankama account you used to make your purchase. 
  4. Make sure you received your purchase confirmation email by checking all your email addresses, and remember to check your spam folder (you never know!). If you find the confirmation email, it will contain the account nickname the subscription was purchased for. 
  5. Finally, check that the account is the one you made your purchase with. You should log in to all your accounts to see if a subscription has been activated (see: Verify that my subscription, Booster Pack, or Bonus Pack has been applied). 

Still nothing? Then you should create a Support request with all the requested information.  



Dofus_Logo.png280px-Wakfu_Logo.pngHow to activate my subscription / booster ? 


Subscriptions / Boosters can come in two different formats:

  • When you buy a "classic" subscription (like the 1-year pack), the subscription days are credited directly to your account as soon as your purchase is confirmed.
  • When you get a subscription token, the token is not automatically activated. It is up to you to decide when you want to use it. For that, you need to go to your gift interface (DOFUS / WAKFU) and activate the token (by clicking on the "Use" button).

Reminder: Subscriptions stack. When you add subscription time to your account, you do not overwrite the current subscription.


Dofus_Logo.png280px-Wakfu_Logo.pngHow can I see if my subscription or Booster has been activated?  

  1. A confirmation page will appear on the game website, showing the subscription time credited to your account and the date your subscription ends. 
  2. You'll automatically receive a confirmation email*. This email indicates the subscription time credited to your account and the date your subscription ends. Check the email address linked to your Ankama account to make sure you received this email.  
  3. In your Account Management area, in the  Payment section, you can check that your purchase request was taken into account. 
  4. In your Account Management area, in the Games section, you can see your status (subscriber or non-subscriber), the date your subscription ends, and how much subscription time you have left. 
  5. When you select the game in the Launcher, you will also see your status (subscriber/non-subscriber) at the top right of your screen, next to your nickname. 
  6. Finally, when you launch the game and choose your character, at the top left of your screen, you will see the date your subscription ends. 


Dofus_Logo.pngYou are subscribed to DOFUS but not to DOFUS Retro? 

You have probably subscribed with Facebook Connect and it is unfortunately not possible to connect to DOFUS Retro via Facebook Connect. We therefore invite you to convert your Facebook Connect account into an Ankama account or make a request to Support to transfer your subscription to another account. 


logo How can I see if my Bonus Pack has been activated?  

The best way to see if your Bonus Pack has been activated is to check  the  "Bonus Pack" tab in the DOFUS Touch store when you are in the game – there you'll see how much subscription time you have left. 


logo How do you tell the difference between Elite Bonus Pack time and standard Bonus Pack time in the game? 


To find out how many days you have left of an Elite Bonus Pack on your account, go the in-game shop by clicking this "Shop" icon:  blobid0.png.

In the upper center of the interface, you'll see two indicators:  

  • Number of days of Elite Bonus Pack time on the left, with a crown symbol above it
  • Number of days of standard Bonus Pack time on the right 


Here, the player has 4 days left on their Elite Bonus Pack and 6 days on the standard pack.


Be aware: if you have both Elite Bonus Pack and standard bonus pack time on your account, the Elite Bonus Pack time will be used first, regardless of when the standard bonus pack time was purchased.

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