My account was stolen – what do I do ?

Do you no longer have access to your account? Have your kamas or equipment disappeared?

You've probably been the victim of account theft.

If you believe this is the case, the details of your account (password, secret answer, e-mail) have been compromised and it is imperative that they be changed.

N.B.: If, for practical reasons, you don't want to change the e-mail associated with your Ankama account, you should at a minimum change the password. It's imperative that it be different than the one you used for your Ankama account.

Ankama will assist you in securing your account and offers two ways to do this…



Option 1: Secure the Account by SMS

If you have already linked a mobile phone number to your Ankama account and you still have access to this number, you can use the account securing by SMS service.

  1. Enter the name of the account to secure and the mobile phone number associated with it.
  2. Enter the verification code that will be sent to you by SMS. Once the code is entered, we'll disconnect anyone connected with your account and block all connections until you've finished securing your account.
  3. Change your password and your secret question/answer.
  4. Changing your e-mail address is recommended but not obligatory. However, if you decide to keep it, you agree to at least change the password of your e-mail account (see image below).
  5. Once the details have been changed, the account is secured and is once again authorized to sign-in.



Option 2: Contact Support

If you cannot secure your account by SMS, you can contact Ankama's Support team.

As changing your access and details is a significant action, we will have to confirm that you’re the account holder. Please attach a copy (scan or photo) of an official proof of ID to your request.

 N.B.: More often than not, stolen items have had time to travel across several accounts, which makes them very difficult to trace. In case of a theft, the Support team can give you access back, but can only very rarely restore any items.


IMPORTANT: Once your information has been changed, we strongly recommend you follow the 8 tips to secure your account.


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