[DOFUS] Guild Emblem Change

You know how it goes: you form a guild, choose an emblem on the spur of the moment, and only regret it months later. Now, the Guild Emblem Change service will let you give your guildmates the banner of war they really deserve!

In exchange for 700 Ogrines, you will be able to modify the shape, colours and logo of your guild emblem. When you buy the service, you will receive a little flask to use in-game, letting you give your emblem a brand new look. Anyone can buy one of these potions, but only a guild leader can use it. You should also be aware that each potion is linked to the account that bought it for 62 days. You will be unable to give, sell or exchange your potion during this time.

If you are playing DOFUS when you make the purchase, you will have to log out and then log back in again in order to allocate the potion to one of your characters.

If you encounter any problems with the "Guild Emblem Change" service, please contact us by clicking on the "Send a message" button.

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