I'd like to exchange a product

If you'd like to exchange part of your order, you can contact Support. 

We'll let you know how much the shipping fees will be to send the new article. You must send a cheque for these fees along with the returned item(s). If you don't include the shipping fees, we cannot send you the new item(s). Then you can send the item(s) to the following address:

Ankama Shop AE
BP 60403
59057 Roubaix cedex 1

When we receive the package, we'll send your new item(s). 

Note: you will be responsible for the shipping fees to return the item(s), as well as the fees to send the new item(s). You must also pay the difference if you order an item that is more expensive. On the other hand, we will send you an IOU if you order less expensive item(s).

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