Renewing my subscription / Booster pack

Automatic renewal

Subscriptions are never automatic.

To renew your subscription /booster pack, you must carry out a new transaction on the DOFUS / WAKFU website. You will always be given a new transaction reference number, whether you pay by internet payment or other methods of payment.


DOFUS - How do ongoing subscriptions (Chainsubs) using Ogrines work?

To reward player commitment and loyalty, a new form of reduction has been introduced: Chainsubs offer reductions of up to 10% when you use Ogrines to renew your subscription.

If you renew your subscription using Ogrines before your current subscription runs out, you will receive a reduction, whether your initial sub was paid for in Ogrines or in real money!

To find out more about what this development means for DOFUS players, click here.

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