Error: "The server is unavailable. Unable to connect."

The server you're trying to connect to is possibly under maintenance or service has been interrupted.

You can check the maintenance schedule and status of the servers on the forum under the heading Server Status. The game servers that are offline will be marked with a small red cross with the label "Offline" next to it. 

Is the server down for maintenance or having difficulties?


There is no maintenance or difficulties.

There are several potential causes of a technical difficulty:

  • Some antivirus programs block certain features of the DOFUS client. Make sure your antivirus is not treating the game as an undesirable program.
  • If you've got a firewall-type security system, it may be incorrectly configured. 
    You need to set your firewall to allow DOFUS to access ports 80, 5555, and 443. To see how to make this change, check the documentation for your firewall. If you are unable to make these changes, you can simply deactivate your firewall. 
  • Also be sure Windows Firewall is deactivated. This is often the cause of numerous connection issues, even when your personal firewall program is properly configured. 
  • Finally, check that your internet connection hasn't been interrupted and that your equipment (modem, router, etc.) are plugged in and correctly configured.


The server is down for maintenance

The DOFUS servers are maintained once a week, on Tuesday morning. The game servers are not accessible during this short period. This maintenance allows improvements to the game, optimisation of connectivity between servers and the DOFUS client, and the integration of modifications, depending on the different player communities.

You'll need to wait until the maintenance is over to connect.


The server is offline.

In this case, you'll have to wait. Our teams are working to bring the server back online as quickly as possible.

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