How do I recognise a moderator ?

There are different ways to tell a moderator apart from regular players:

  • The moderator will always have a name between brackets, for example "[Supermodo]".
  • While they are visible in game, moderators will be represented by a lion skin.
  • On the forums, the moderator will have a special avatar, a moderator title, and a purple insert.
  • To verify a person's identity, you can also type in "/whois " + the username of the target character in the DOFUS chat area. Example: Example: /whois [Supermodo]. . In your information channel, you'll then have a notification, something like "[Supermodo] ([Supermodo] (Moderator)) is an in unknown area. Guild Ankama" if you are indeed dealing with a moderator.

You should be aware that a moderator will never ask you for your password, your secret answer or access to your e-mail account. As a general rule, they will not ask you for ANY information about your account. In the same vein, they will never offer you items or kamas in the game and will never ask you to participate in any votes or to become a moderator.

If this situation arises, you are likely dealing with an imposter. Check the identity of the player in question with the /whois command and report the incident to Support along with an uncropped screenshot (Prnt. Scrn. button).

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