What's a bug ?

A bug is a flaw in the design of a software program which causes some type of dysfunction in the execution.

In DOFUS's case, the principal types of bugs are:

  • Display bugs, which are problems with the way maps, scenery, backgrounds, characters, textures, etc. are displayed. This includes walls that let you walk through them, and elements overlapping each other.
  • Sound bugs, which are volume differences, problems with synchronisation, inappropriate sounds, etc.
  • AI bugs, which are problems stemming from inappropriate reactions in certain situations. This could result in monsters, NPCs, and spells that don't act as expected.
  • Text bugs, concerning client menus (buttons, chat area, etc.) and texts spoken by NPCs, as well as item and monster descriptions. These are typos, and spelling and grammar mistakes. Sometimes there are even texts or translations missing.
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