Connect the Updater to the internet

The Updater does not seem to be able to connect to the internet, even though your connection is active.

Various possible causes:

  • Your connection is protected by a firewall.
  • You are connecting via a corporate, university, 3G, or WiFi network. Your connection is probably being routed through a proxy.
  • Your modem/router is acting like a proxy and blocking the connection.
  • You are using parental control software that is blocking the internet connection to the program.


  • If it is a firewall blocking your connection, you must give the Updater and game permission to connect to the internet. You must unblock the following connection ports: 80 & 8080. You must also unblock ports: 443 & 5556, as well as 143 & 5558.
  • If you are using a corporate or university network, please contact your computer network administrator.
  • If your modem/router is blocking the connection, you must modify the settings in the Updater options on the "Proxy" tab.
    • Select "Activate internet access via proxy".
    • Select the protocol used (usually HTTP, chosen by default).
    • Complete the name/address field (usually an IP address) and the port (usually 80 or 8080).
    • The enter the login and password (usually the username of your computer and the associated password).
  • If you are using parental control software, you must give permissions to the Updater and game.
  • If, despite this, your problem continues, please contact Support.
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