My referred friend made a purchase, but I didn’t get any Ogrines. Why?

You can follow your friend referral rewards via your Account Management page. 

If you don’t receive any Ogrines after your friend makes a purchase, there may be several explanations for this:

  • Your friend isn’t your referred friend. Find out more.
  • Your referred friend made a purchase using Ogrines. As a friend referee, you only receive linked Ogrines if your referred friend makes purchases using real money for subscriptions or packs of Ogrines.
  • Your referred friend’s payment hasn’t yet been confirmed.
  • If the purchase has only just been completed, you may not yet have been credited with your reward. Log out then log back in to your Account Management page.

If none of these reasons resolved your issue, we suggest you contact our Support team. They will conduct manual verifications in order to identify your issue.

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