Error: "Connection to the server has been lost."

This message indicates a temporary interruption of the connection between your computer and our servers.

There are several possible reasons:

  • You're using a Wifi connection and lost the signal, which can cause you to disconnect. In that case, it would be better to connect directly using Ethernet or PLC (Power Line Communication: Ethernet through electric cabling), especially if disconnections are frequent or if they make it impossible to connect.
  • Our connection server is receiving too many simultaneous connection attempts on one of the game connection ports (5555 or 443). You can try to change the connection port via the Options button located on the connection page of the game.
  • You've selected the "Quick Connection" option on the log-in screen, but your connection quality isn't high enough to allow use of this function. In this case, deselect the option and try again.

If the problem continues, you can contact Support.

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