What's a moderator ?

The moderation team is responsible for making sure that the forums and the game have a nice, friendly atmosphere. Moderators are volunteer players that Ankama has given some trust and the tools to help keep the game as enjoyable as possible. Moderators are not employed by Ankama and are not able to assign severe punishments.

 Their role consists mostly of intervening early on with players and making them aware of the consequences of not following game's rules, so they can avoid more severe sanctions. To maintain a nice atmosphere in the game, moderators have a few tools at their disposal.


What are a moderator's powers?

The moderator can apply different sanctions, directly in the game:

  • Muting: When someone is "flooding" (abusive repetition of a message) or posting unmanageable, inappropriate messages, the moderators can take away a player's voice for different amounts of time depending on the infraction. The player will be unable to communicate with others, even in private.

  •  Kicking: When a player does not respond to a moderator's first warnings, a temporary suspension can be applied in game. He will then be excluded from the game for a defined amount of time, which could be up to 48 hours.
    Getting kicked by a moderator is normally accompanied by a report to Support, who might deem it necessary to apply additional sanctions against the player's account.

  •  The "Prison": In some cases, the moderator might need to isolate a player from the rest of the community while they handle the situation. They can teleport the player into one game's prisons where the player will have all the time they need to think about what they've done!
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