What is a rollback

A rollback is a return to a specific date and time based on a previous backup. This massive action affects all players on the server.

When a rollback is implemented, actions in the game between time of the backup and the time the servers were stopped are erased. These actions are:

  • validation of quests and achievements,
  • gains in experience, resources and items,
  • creation and destruction of items,
  • harvest of resources,
  • trades made, and
  • assignment of characteristic points.

However, you recover the following acquisitions and purchases made during the period affected by the rollback:

  • class changes consumed or canceled? The corresponding ogrines/goultines are returned.
  • items obtained from the Shop or won via gift codes**? Items are returned to the in-game gift interface.
  • kamas obtained in the Kama Exchange? Kamas returned in game.

These returns may take several hours or days.

All the information about rollbacks is communicated on the forum of the affected game (DOFUS, WAKFU, DOFUS Touch), including details about whether there is some compensation and its content.


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