Transferring a character to another account

How do I do this?

Go to the in-game Shop or the shop on the game website for DOFUS and WAKFU:



Transferring a character from one account to another happens instantly and can't be canceled.

What can be transferred?


Can be transferred Cannot be transferred
  • all items in your inventory, including your merchant mode;
  • items linked to the character;
  • items linked to the account that are present in your inventory;
  • all equipped items, including your mount;
    your kamas;
  • your guild and your alliance; and
    your achievements.
  • Your house
  • Your Haven Bag (its themes and extra rooms) and the contents thereof
  • Your items in Marketplaces
  • Any mounts in your stable
  • Your bank
  • Your Ogrines
  • Any active subscription on the original account



Items equipped on the character cannot be transferred. All your items must be deposited in your character's inventory.

Can be transferred Cannot be transferred
  • All equipment in your inventory or currently equipped on your character. 
  • The character’s spell deck customization
  • The character’s Haven Bag.
  • The character’s nation.
  • The character will remain in the same guild.
  • The character’s citizenship points.


Subject to certain conditions: 

  • Your Sidekicks, if they are removed from your Sidekick interface and put into your inventory
  • Equipment on your Sidekicks, if it is put in your inventory
  • The contents of your account chest, if these items are placed in your inventory.
  • Company leader status, if applicable
  • Your account chest
  • The character’s sidekicks
  • Pending items in your gift interface
  • Your friend list
  • Pending rewards
  • The Ability, Spells or Extra Equipment pages that you have purchased and unlocked 


Are there any restrictions on character transfers?

  • Both accounts must:
    • have an active subscription record totaling over 4 months,
    • be associated with the same first and last name,
    • have the same phone number registered,
    • and belong to the same community on a single server.
    • If you're using an extra security feature (Authenticator or Shield), you must be able to authenticate both accounts.
  • Dofus_Logo.pngThe character's base level or profession level must be above 20.
  • 280px-Wakfu_Logo.pngThis service is not available for Steam players.

Please also check if you have a character slot available on the arrival account. 

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