Transferring a character to another account

How do character transfers work?

Character transfers let you transfer one character on an account to another account that you already have or to a new account.

This service is found in the Shop. 

Transferring characters from one account to another is instantaneous.

What can be transferred?

Transferring a character from one account to another also transfers:

  • all items in your inventory, including your merchant mode;
  • items linked to the character;
  • items linked to the account that are present in your inventory;
  • all equipped items, including your mount;
  • your kamas;
  • your guild and your alliance; and
  • your achievements.

The following stays with the original account:

  • the Dragoturkeys in your stable;
  • your house;
  • your Haven Bag (its themes and additional rooms) and its contents;
  • your items in Marketplaces;
  • your bank;
  • your ogrins; and
  • any current subscription on the original account.

Are there any restrictions on character transfers?

Transfers are subject to a certain number of conditions and restrictions. Please read them carefully.

  • For transfers to existing accounts: Both accounts must each be more than four months old and have the same last name.

  • Only level-20 or higher characters and characters that have a level-20 or higher profession can be transferred.

  • Characters can only be transferred between accounts that belong to the same community.

  • You must be able to authenticate both accounts (using the Authenticator or Shield, if they are active).

How can I cancel a transfer ?

 Since transfers are instantaneous, they cannot be canceled.

I have a different issue. What should I do?

If you have any questions or issues that are not covered above, please contact us using the "My payments, purchases and gifts" form.

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