MAC - Problem with Adobe Air 20

Adobe recently published version 20 of AIR, which is required to run DOFUS. This update has prevented certain Mac users from being able to play the game, due to receiving an error U04020092 or an error stating that there is not sufficient disk space.

Version 20 of AIR adds 64-bit processor support. Unfortunately, this change modifies some files in the DOFUS directory, rendering the game unable to function.

The DOFUS updater will attempt to fix this issue by reverting your system to an earlier version of Adobe Air, however, this error may require some users to manually downgrade to Adobe Air 19.

Here are the two possible outcomes of this process:

The DOFUS Updater is able to uninstall AIR 20 (and reverts to AIR 19)

In this scenario, the DOFUS updater will delete AIR 20 and install AIR 19, as well as disabling AIR updates.

Here are the steps for this process:

  1. Restart the Updater
  2. The Updater will ask for your computer password to delete AIR 20
  3. AIR 19 will be downloaded and ask for your computer password
  4. Restart the game when the AIR 19 update is complete

If the DOFUS Updater cannot uninstall AIR 20

In this scenario, you will need to uninstall AIR 20 manually, then reinstall AIR 19 and deactivate AIR updates.

Here are the steps for this process:

  1. Delete /Applications/Utilities/Adobe AIR Application
  2. Delete /Applications/Utilities/Adobe AIR
  3. Download AIR 19, launch the installer and follow its instructions
  4. Create this folder: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/updateDisabled to disable AIR updates.

Please note: Reverting to AIR 19 could affect the performance of other games or programs that use AIR.

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