DOFUS Retro servers merge

There was a server merger for DOFUS Retro on Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

The two legacy servers Eratz and Henual merge into one: Fallanster.

Meanwhile, players in Crail and Galgarion are brought together on this server: Allisteria.

So, as of this date, DOFUS Retro will have 3 servers (along with Boune, the single-account server).

Will my character's and/or guild's nickname change?
A suffix will be added to your character's nickname and your guild's name based on your original server – -[Era], -[Hen], -[Cra], or -[Gal] – and a renaming potion will be credited to your character's and the guild leader's inventories.

What about houses and paddocks?

Houses and paddocks will remain after the merger; please note that there will be two instances of each.

Multiple versions of houses and paddocks will be able to exist on the same server.
Each owner only has access to their own paddock or house and won't be able to use the other instances.

Where did my perceptors go? 

Perceptors placed before the merge were not retained. Their content was not transferred to their owner's bank and therefore cannot be recovered.

I can't find my items listed in the marketplace.

Items listed in a marketplace have been removed and placed in the seller's bank. The sale fee has not been refunded.

What about alignment prisms? 
These will all be deleted. As for the zones, they will become neutral again by default.

Bins are now empty.

The contents of bins have been deleted.

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