In which countries is the text messaging service available?

In November 2015, Ankama began working on a plan to give players more autonomy in the management and/or recovery of their account(s).

If you want to perform a sensitive action on your account, a free verification code* will be texted to you. It’s easy and secure! Of course, you must already have added your cell phone number to your Account Management page.

Since Ankama is now sending the text message, we had to figure out the network configurations for all countries, one by one. As you can imagine, this operation took a fair amount of time and involved some prioritizing.

Here is an update on the countries/regions that we currently cover:


  • Completely covered: Metropolitan France, Belgium, Canada, Morroco, Colombia, Mexico, USA, UK, Germany, Reunion Island, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Australia, Croatia, French Polynesia, Luxembourg, Peru, Turkey, Israel, New Caledonia,  Poland, Mayotte, Algeria, Netherlands, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Tunisia, Portugal, Costa Rica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana

  • Partially covered (in progress):  Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Russia,India

  • Not covered (yet):  Norway, Indonesia, Romania, Ecuador


We’re doing everything we can to offer texting services to as many players as possible, and other countries will be likely to be added in the coming months. 

If the service is not yet set up in your country/region, it will not be possible to add a cell phone number to your account or receive assistance services via text.


* Not including additional costs for receiving text messages from your telephone service provider

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