What limitations are there on Ogrines?

To combat bank card fraud, Ankama has been forced to put in place several limitations on Ogrines. These limitations are designed to reduce misuse by a few dishonest people while preserving user comfort for our thousands of players.

The limitations are as follows: 

  • You can only create a single sale of Kamas and/or Ogrines at the same time in the Kama Exchange
  • You cannot have more than 180,000 Ogrines in a single account
  • You cannot buy more than 150,000 Ogrines per month (within any 30 day period)
  • You cannot buy more than 60,000 Ogrines per week (within any 7 day period)
  • You cannot obtain more than 60,000 Ogrines in the Kama Exchange per month (within a 30 day period)
  • Ogrines from the Kama Exchange are linked and cannot be used again on the Exchange
  • If your in-game bank already contains 2 billion Kamas, anything bought on the Kama Exchange will be lost


Useful tips: Ankama support can remove the limitation on purchasing Ogrines in real currency (only). To request this please contact us and include proof of identity with your request.

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