What is payment by direct debit?

The automatic payment system allows you to purchase a 30-day booster of your choice, and to "subscribe" to it by being automatically debited every month. This way, you no longer need to renew your booster by hand when it runs out; in addition, starting from the second month, you'll earn a discount and loyalty benefits (gifts).

This payment option is offered after you choose your 30-day Booster in the shop on our WAKFU website.


Warning: The 3D Secure system is required to use this.


Preferential Rates for Automatically Renewing Boosters

When you choose automatic renewal for your booster, you'll receive a discount of approximately 10% off the regular booster price starting with your second month's payment.

If this is your first month, it is normal to be charged the regular price, as the preferential rate only kicks in at the start of the second month.

If this is not your first month of automatic renewal, please contact Ankama Support by clicking on "Send a Request" at the bottom of this FAQ so that we can examine and resolve the issue.

Your loyalty is rewarded

If your subscription to a booster (regardless of its level) is renewed next month through automatic payment, you'll get a Mystery Box to reward your loyalty.

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