DOFUS Retro Server Merger

The DOFUS Retro servers were merged on Tuesday, March 16, 2020.

In addition to the old servers Eratz and Henual, 2 international servers went online following the merger of the 9 servers created when DOFUS Retro came out.

A total of 4 DOFUS Retro servers are now available.


 Can you own a house or a paddock?

After servers merged, houses and paddocks became available for purchase. However, the sale of the Lakeside Palace and 8 other homes will be connected to an event.

Where did my perceptors go?

Perceptors placed before the merge were not retained. Their content was not transferred to their owner's bank and therefore cannot be recovered.

I can't find my items listed in the marketplace.

Items listed in a marketplace have been removed and placed in the seller's bank. The sale fee has not been refunded.

Bins are now empty.

The contents of bins have been deleted.


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