Why am I not eligible for automatic payment?

Automatic payment may be declined for a number of reasons. Here are a few examples:

  • Insufficient funds in your account.
  • Your card has expired.
  • Your card is not eligible for recurring payments.
  • You have reached your payment limit.

If an automatic payment is declined, you will be sent an email.You will also receive an email before your card expires to allow you to react rapidly if you wish.

How can I reactivate my automatic payments?

To keep receiving the 30-day booster promotion from automatic payment, you'll need to resolve the situation within 7 days of receiving the email about the unsuccessful payment.

You must use a card that does not meet any of the criteria listed above in this section, and you must once again buy a 30-day booster and choose to pay using automatic payment mode.

A discount on the price of the booster will be displayed so that you can keep receiving the promotion.

If you do not resolve the issue within 7 days, you can still opt for an automatically renewing booster, but the discount will only apply after the second payment date, and your period of 12 consecutive months to receive the gift will reset to 0.

If you have any trouble, you can contact Support by clicking on "Send a Request" at the bottom of this FAQ.

Why isn't my card eligible?

Unfortunately, your card might not be eligible for the automatic payment option.

Our system analyzes your card during payment, and if your card is not eligible for automatic payment, you will receive the booster that you purchased and your purchase confirmation email will let you know that recurrent automatic payments are not possible.

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