Can I change the level of my booster?

If a recurring payment is active on your account, and you want to change the level of the booster associated with it, you'll have to make a new purchase for this booster of the level desired, while still selecting the automatic payment method.

A discount on the price of the new booster will be displayed so that you can keep receiving the promotion.

Accumulating various booster levels works the same way with or without automatic payment:

  • If you choose a higher-level booster, it will activate immediately.
    The remaining days of your lower-level booster will be saved to your account. When you cancel the automatic payment, they will be triggered at the end of the 30 days of the last payment period for the higher-level booster.
  • If you instead subscribe to a lower-level booster, it will activate at the end of the current booster.

You can check the Account Management page for the number of days remaining for each booster level.

In any case, you will be immediately charged for the price of the new booster.

As long as the automatic payment is not interrupted when you change the level of your booster, the days accumulated with the previous booster levels will indeed be taken into account when yearly gifts are awarded.

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