Are there any limitations on goultines?

To combat bank fraud, Ankama has been forced to put several limitations on ogrines in place. These limitations are designed to reduce inappropriate activities by a few dishonest people while preserving user comfort for our thousands of players.

The limitations are as follows:

  • Limits on purchases of goultines using real currency:*
    • a maximum of 60,000 goultines in any 1 day;
    • a maximum of 90,000 goultines over any 3-day rolling period;
    • a maximum of 140,000 goultines over any 7-day rolling period;
    • a maximum of 200,000 goultines over any 15-day rolling period; and
    • a maximum of 400,000 goultines over any 30-day rolling period.
  • Payment IP must match the billing country for all purchases in the DOFUS Touch Google Play shop.
  • Articles of between 31,000 and 45,000 goultines are available after 5 days of play.

* Handy Tip: Ankama Support can lift the limitation on purchasing ogrines using real currency (only). To request this, you must contact us and provide proof of identity in your request.

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