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Want to install the Ankama Launcher to enjoy Ankama's transmedia universe? Click here 😊.  

Once it's finished installing, just install your games and you're done! 

/!\  Once the location of the Launcher installation is selected, it cannot be changed. Only the game's location can be changed afterward. 


System Requirements 



For your information, support and updates for the .zip versions have been ended since 10/26/2021 for DOFUS, since 05/11/2022 for Retro and since 10/04/2022 for WAKFU. You can no longer play the games using these versions. 


Issues with the Launcher? 

First try the following: 

  • Restart the Launcher. 
  • If the issue continues, make sure the Launcher is completely shut down by checking the system tray. 
  • If necessary, uncheck the "Minimize to system tray" option. 
  • If necessary, use the task manager to ensure that the Launcher is completely shut down (in the event of a crash, it may keep running in the background). 
  • If necessary, end any corresponding processes. 
  • If the problem continues, uninstall and reinstall the Launcher. 

Is the issue still there? Please submit a Support ticket and provide as much information as possible. 


Other Questions 


There's an issue with one of the games 

Please take the following steps:  

1. Repair the game. 

  • You have a Repair option in the settings of installed games. 

2. If it cannot be repaired, uninstall and reinstall the game. 

To avoid having to reinstall everything, you can: 

  • Start installing the game wherever you like. 
  • Stop the install. 
  • Copy the files already downloaded to the install folder. 

3. If there's an issue with the installation or update, restart downloading the files. 

The Launcher should launch an automatic repair and complete the install. 
If you have a good connection, installing from scratch is recommended. 

Finally, if the problem persists, please report it by submitting a Support ticket and including, if possible, the logs available in Settings > Logs > Open the Log Directory > Copy the content of the application.log file. 


Connection sharing: I get an "incorrect account name or password" error message. 

If you receive an " Incorrect account name or password " message when both are correct, there are several possible reasons:

1) The Authenticator is not unlocked.

If your account is protected by the Authenticator, remember to authorize the connection on the Ankama Authenticator app.


2) Your Internet connection is unstable, causing your IP address to change.

This may notably occur if you're playing via connection sharing with your phone. Check your Internet connection and try to log in again.

To resolve the issue:  

1. Open the game settings. 


2. Go to the "Multi-account" section and deactivate all accounts.  


3. Then launch the game normally to launch a non-authenticated instance. 


3) You are trying to connect via a VPN. The connection is blocked because this is not allowed by the game's ToU.


The Ankama Launcher is displaying a black screen. 

Please check your system and graphics card drivers for updates. To do so, you'll need to visit the website of your computer and/or graphics card manufacturer. 
Update Nvidia drivers 
Update Intel drivers 
Update AMD drivers 
After completing updates, restart your computer and run another test. 


Error message: "Inetc Plug-in Error. Your Internet connection seems to be unavailable" 

Please check your system's Internet settings. 
To do so: 

  • Open the Control Panel. 
  • Go to Internet Options. 
  • Click the Advanced tab. 
  • Check to make sure the box for "Use TLS 1.2" is checked. 

Then simply restart the Launcher installation. 
If the issue continues, feel free to submit your ticket. 



I started installing several Ankama games, but I can't download them simultaneously. Is that normal? 

Yes. If multiple games are installing, the downloads happen successively, not simultaneously. 


The Ankama Launcher doesn't load or doesn't update. 

Please try restarting the Launcher first. 

If the problem continues, go to your Task Manager, select "Ankama Launcher" and end the task. Then, restart the Launcher. 

If it still doesn't work, uninstall and reinstall the Ankama Launcher. 

To do so, go to  Control Panel > Uninstall a program > to select "Ankama Launcher" and click the uninstall option. 

Still doesn't work? Then you should submit a Support ticket. 


What happens if you close the Ankama Launcher while a game is updating? 

Don't panic! The download is automatically paused. An automatic repair will be launched when you reopen the Launcher. 


How to fix the error "Unable to open due to malicious software" that prevents an application from running on macOS Catalina 

First of all, you should only follow these instructions if you do not download or install questionable applications on your Mac. Avoid accessing sites that may compromise the security of your data. 

This "can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software" launch limitation can be avoided if we allow third-party applications to be downloaded and run, other than from the App Store and developers identified by Apple. 

The settings can be found in System Preferences > Security & Privacy, under "Allow apps downloaded from: "App Store" and "App Store and identified developers". 

To change these settings, you must click on the padlock at the bottom left of the window and enter the system user password. 


At the same time, we are working to ensure that Ankama certificates are recognized by Apple in order to avoid this being necessary. 


How do you add one or more accounts to the Launcher?   

Do you play on multiple accounts and want to get around having to launch each one manually?  

The Launcher lets you save them and launch the game with all your accounts.  

To do this:  

1. Open the game settings.  


2. Choose the "Multi-account" section. 

3. Click "Add an account".  

4. Finally, click the "Play" button. 



I'm experiencing a performance or stability problem  

If there's a performance issue that is preventing you from downloading or launching the game, try changing the Launcher settings, specifically in the "Performance" section.  

1. Click the icon settings.PNG   in the upper banner of the Launcher. 


2. Go to the "Performance" section. 

3. Turn off any settings that don't seem useful to you. 



I get the error message "An error has occurred" when trying to enter my First Name / Last Name. 

Starting August 24, 2021, you are asked to enter your First Name / Last Name in order to play.  

If you receive the error message "An error has occurred" while completing the form, please relaunch the Launcher and then the game.  


If the problem persists, please submit a ticket to Support. 

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