Two-Factor Authentication with the Ankama Shield

What is Ankama Shield? 

Ankama Shield is an account protection system offered by Ankama.

Each time you log in from a new computer or browser, Ankama Shield safeguards your account by asking you for a security code that is emailed to you. You'll then have the option to add the computer and/or browser to your trusted list.

If someone manages to get your login details, that person will be locked out by this system and will not be able to steal your account or equipment.


Remember that your username, password, and security codes are confidential and should only be shared on websites you can trust. Learn more here.


Ankama accounts with an active Ankama Shield get an in-game bonus in DOFUS: +5% loot and experience, plus an exclusive emote. 


Ankama will be making Ankama Shield available to every account.

Until now, players had to install it on their own, but Ankama has decided to enhance account security by adding the Ankama Shield to all accounts. This security feature is unlocked from your account management page or the Ankama Launcher.

The Ankama Shield will protect your account when logging in from:

To pre-empt any potential issues, this feature will be introduced gradually, starting with new accounts, as well as accounts that already have the Ankama Shield, on May 18, 2021. For accounts that already have it, the only change to be aware of is that the security code will be entered on the launcher menu instead of in the game.

Starting June 7, Ankama will successively install the safeguard on accounts that don't have an active Ankama Shield.

/!\ To receive the security code and keep from getting locked out of your login, be sure to check the email address linked to your account, and update it if necessary on this page.

Are you locked out by the Ankama Shield?  Please read these two FAQs before contacting Support: 

Once the feature is deactivated, your account will no longer be protected, making you more vulnerable to account theft. We strongly advise you to reinstall it. 

Besides keeping your account secure, you'll receive a bonus for having the Shield installed. 

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