Difficulties Related to My Characters, Items and Quests


Dofus_Logo.png Characters "Missing"

Your character didn't disappear! To find out more, click here .


Dofus_Logo.png  No resurrection on Epic Server (Ombre)

One of the characteristics of this server – Epic (Ombre) – is that whenever a any character dies, it is permanent, regardless of the circumstances.

If you wish to prevent unpleasant experiences of this nature, we invite you to use a classic server.


Dofus_Logo.pngI've got a problem with taxes at the Marketplaces

Sometimes, players don't pay attention to levied at the Marketplace. Unfortunately, no refund will be made for this kind of mistake, which is an issue of carelessness more than it is a bug.


Dofus_Logo.pngLoss of Veteran Rewards

In the event of a loss of Veteran Rewards in DOFUS, the NPC Harvey Terran at the Amakna Castle Zaap will allow you to obtain as many Veteran Rewards as you like for 10 nuggets each.


Dofus_Logo.pngMy character is stuck in combat

You can release your character by logging onto another server. This will interrupt the combat with a defeat for your character.

If you have no characters on another server, begin creating a new character on another server (but do not finish). This will also release your character.

Don't use this method on the Heroic or Epic servers because your character will die.


Dofus_Logo.png I can't receive my lottery

When you click on your lottery in your haven bag and you receive an error message, the prize is not credited to your character, but you still won it!

While we're working to resolve this bug, please collect your winnings from this page: http://www.dofus.com/fr/mmorpg/communaute/codes/cadeaux-attente


I lost my rank as leader. Why?


My character lost their house/paddock. Why?


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