Until September 24, 2019, there had been two 1.29 servers (Eratz and Henual) for our nostalgic players to be able to relive past adventures if they so desired.

9 new servers were launched:

  • Nabur
  • Arty
  • Algathe
  • Hogmeiser
  • Droupik
  • Bilby
  • Clustus
  • Issering
  • Ayuto


Will you have to be a subscriber to play on this new server?

  • Yes, you'll need a subscription as with the other Retro servers, Eratz and Henual.


"I'm unable to load the configuration file" or "I get the following error message: The current Flash security settings prevent DOFUS from running".

Please download Ankama Launcher to access the DOFUS Retro servers, and also follow these steps:

1: Reinstall DOFUS Retro from Ankama Launcher.

2: Once the game is installed, click "Play".

The following "Adobe Flash Player Settings" pop-up will appear:


3: Click "Authorize" to authorize information to be stored locally.

I'm getting an error message that says my password is wrong, but it isn't.

Case #1

Passwords for DOFUS Retro servers cannot exceed 32 characters.
If your password has more than 32 characters, please reset it using this link or through your account management page.

Case #2

If you have the Authenticator installed and you're trying to log in to DOFUS Retro without giving it permission to connect to your mobile application, you will receive a message saying that your password is incorrect.
This is a bug, and we are sadly unable to fix it right now. In this case, please authorize the login via the Authenticator mobile application and try to log in again.

Case #3

The email address linked to your Ankama account has not been validated. Please confirm it in the confirmation email you should have received.

When the 1.29 servers opened, there were double-XP, drop and profession bonuses. Will the new server get these as well?

  • For now, there won't be any bonuses when the server opens due to the waiting lists, but we're thinking about adding one later on.

Will the server be accessible from the Launcher?

  • Yes, it will be available in the Ankama Launcher.

Will the game be available in 64 bits?

  • Yes, the game will be available in 64 bits in the Ankama Launcher.
  • A 32-bit version will be available on our website.

Will there be a single-account restriction on the server?

  • No.

What are the restrictions in terms of characters?

  • No more than five characters across all Retro servers – Henual, Eratz and Nabur – even if you purchase character slots in DOFUS 2.x.

Will Eratz and Henual receive the changes made to Nabur?

  • Yes, absolutely! Simply put, all 1.x servers will be updated to the Retro version (1.30).

What is the difference between the new server and the old 1.29 servers?

  • The new server lets you start your adventure from scratch.
  • The changes made to the servers are available here.

Will we also be able to get the Retro DOFUS gift on Henual and Eratz?

  • No, the gift applies only to the server Nabur.

Will the boutique be available on Nabur?

  • Yes, the boutique will be available from the first day, with products that can be bought using ogrines.
  • However, the KE will not be available on the Retro servers.


I can't find the Kama Exchange on my server. Is that normal?

It is! In DOFUS Rétro, the KE didn't exist! So, you can't buy Kamas with Ogrines and vice-versa on servers.

Will there be a bestiary and encyclopedia on the Retro DOFUS servers?

  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to set up a bestiary and encyclopedia on the Retro servers.

Will there be in-game events from the game masters or CMs?

  • No.

Will the Tofukaz be making a comeback in Retro DOFUS?

  • No, this isn't planned for now.

Have the bugs in certain challenges and the mini-Wakfus been fixed? Will the Kralove be modified? (Etc…)

  • They're staying the same. It is not currently possible to fix the bugs in the old version of the game except for the ones already mentioned here.


I've encountered a problem in game. Can Support help me?

Support is only able to help you with problems related to your Ankama account.
If you have a game-related problem, such as a bug or a disagreement with another player, Support won't be able to help.

Will there be artificial star generation?

  • No, but when the server opens, natural star growth will already have begun for our tests and will not be removed.

Will the first level-100 professions get the Master Shield?

  • No.


Servers merging

Unfortunately, we will not be able to manage some mechanics during the merge.  To reduce side effects, we have decided to proactively deactivate these until we merge the servers:

  • You will not be able to buy houses.
  • You will not be able to use stables and paddocks, and won’t be able to breed mounts.


  • Marriages will be cancelled during the merge.
  • Duplicate names for characters and guilds will be modified by adding the name of the original server.

These mechanics are considered “advanced” and should not impact your experience during the first few weeks.

Note: Eratz and Henual servers will not be affected by server mergers.

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