[DOFUS] DOFUS Retro News and How It Works

What Is Dofus Retro? 

It is an older version of DOFUS, based on Version 1.29, with game mechanics and graphics that are frozen in time and quite different from those of DOFUS.

On 9/24/2019, in addition to the old servers (Eratz and Henual), nine new servers went online when DOFUS Retro came out.

These servers were merged on 7/16/2020.

As such, there are now four " classic " servers: Eratz, Henual, Crail, and Galgarion.


Single-Account Servers Merger

On Wednesday, January 27, the last 3 single-account servers (IX, X and VII) were merged into a single server: "Boune".

To learn more about the merger, click [here].



Do you need to be a subscriber to play DOFUS Retro ?

You need to be a subscriber to access DOFUS Retro.


I'm getting an error message that says my password is incorrect, but it isn't. 

Case #1
If you installed the Authenticator and you're trying to log in to DOFUS Retro without authorizing the login with your mobile application, you will receive a message saying your password is incorrect.
This is a bug, and we are sadly unable to fix it right now. In this case, please authorize the login via the Authenticator mobile application and try to log in again.

Case #2
The email address linked to your Ankama account has not been validated. Please confirm it in the confirmation email you should have already received.


I'm unable to load the configuration file, or the current Flash security settings are preventing DOFUS from running.

Please download the Ankama Launcher to access the DOFUS Retro servers, and take the following steps:

1: Reinstall DOFUS Retro from the Ankama Launcher.

2: Once the game is installed, click "Play".
The following " Adobe Flash Player Settings " pop-up will appear:  


3: Click " Authorize " to allow data to be stored locally.


 Are there any restrictions on the number of characters?

  • You are limited to five characters across all DOFUS Retro servers, even if you buy or bought character slots in DOFUS 2.


How many character slots do I have on the single-account servers?

You have five character slots shared across the single-account servers.


Is there an inter-server migration service ?



I can't find the Kama Exchange on my server. Is that normal ?

There is no Kama Exchange in DOFUS Retro. This means you cannot buy kamas with ogrines and vice versa on the DOFUS Retro servers.


Is it possible to simultaneously play on a single-account server  and a classic Retro server?

No, it isn't possible.


Are there any single-account restrictions in DOFUS Retro?

For more information, please read this FAQ (How does single-account mode work?).


How many character slots do I have on the single-account servers?

Creating a character will not be possible for the first week the servers are open. Also, it will not be possible to delete a character.

You will eventually have five character slots split between the single-account servers. 


Are there any restrictions on collecting pending gifts ?  

Yes. You cannot collect the following items on the single-account DOFUS Retro servers:

  • The Armoured Dragoturkey, as long as breeding has not been activated on the server.
  • Tempus Bloomuses given out after other server rollbacks.
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