[DOFUS] Find my purchase DOFUS retro

Where is my DOFUS Retro gift section?

You can access it when logging into the game, on the character selection screen. When you purchase a DOFUS Retro item in the boutique, you must therefore log out and back in again to receive your purchase. 

Once your order has been validated, it should take around 20 minutes for your to receive the item in the gift section during busy periods.


I can see (or saw) my items in the gift section, but when I try to send them into the game, it freezes and I don't receive anything.

This happens when you try to send one or more items into the game during a very busy period.

The most problematic times are between 4 p.m. and midnight (French time).

The DOFUS team therefore recommends that all adventurers in the World of Twelve send their gifts into the game outside of this timeframe. 

If this obstacle gives you the impression you've lost your items, the next paragraph should be of interest to you…


I can't see my items in the gift section anymore and I haven't yet received them in the game.

Firstly, the question you should be asking yourself is: "Are the items I'm waiting to receive actually compatible with DOFUS Retro?"

Head over to the DOFUS Retro boutique to check!

If this is the case:

  • Your purchase may be in the gift area, but you can't see it yet because you have other pending gifts. Please make sure to send all pending in-game gifts to the game.
  • Otherwise, your purchases will be available in the login interface for your DOFUS Retro characters when you try to log in within the next 48 hours.


Keep in mind: 

When you decide to postpone giving a gift or when you encounter a bug while trying to give a gift in DOFUS Retro, you're offered the gift again several hours after the refusal or failure, and not systematically the next time you log in. 

48 hours after receiving this response, I still haven't received my gifts in the game.

Please create a ticket and don't forget to send us: 

• The name of the account in question
• The item(s) not received thus far
• The date of your purchase
• A screenshot of your character selection interface
• The nickname, level, class and server of the characters you wanted to give the item(s) to.

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