What's the login ID for my Ankama account? 

To connect to an Ankama account, you are asked to provide:  

  • the login ID for your account,
  • the associated password, and
  • if your account is protected  

The account's login ID is set when the account is created. Note that here we are referring to the login ID, and not the account nickname 

For all new accounts created on or after 8/24/2021, the login ID will be an email address. 

There are two types of account login IDs:  

  • Accounts created before 8/24/2021 continue to use their login ID, i.e. the "Account Name". 
  • New accounts created on or after that date will use the email address entered when the account was created as their login ID.  

Remember that every account login ID must be unique. Therefore, it is not possible to use the same email address as the login ID for multiple accounts.  


Can I change my login ID?  

For accounts created before 24/08/2021, nothing has changed:  it is still impossible to change your "Account Name". 

However, for new accounts, your login ID corresponds to the email address associated with your account. Therefore, if you change the email address associated with the account, your login ID will also change and you will use the new email address to log in.   

If you change email addresses, an email notification is sent to the former email address.  


Can I still use the same email address on several accounts?  

For accounts created before 08/24/2021, nothing has changed; it is still possible. 

However, the email address must be different for each of your new accounts. The email address will be the unique identifier used to log in. You may, however, use an email address that has already been used on one of your old accounts created before 08/24/2021. 


What's the difference between a login ID and a nickname? 

The Ankama nickname is not the same thing as the Ankama account login ID.  

To log in to our games and websites, you use your Ankama login ID (either an account name or an email address depending on when your account was created) and your password. It is imperative that you keep them secret. 

In the forums and in-game, you are known to other players by your Ankama nickname (nickname plus a tag). It is visible to everyone. 

You'll often see your nickname in emails sent to you by Ankama. If you need to find it again, please check the email address linked to the account. 


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