The broadcast of WAKFU season 4

The format known as VOD (video on demand) is a means of streaming audiovisual content.


Where will the episodes of WAKFU Season 4 be accessible?

Episodes will start broadcasting on February 9, 2024, on Okoo (France TV) in France - Andorra and Monaco, and on the Launcher for everywhere else, as well as for backers (non-French only) who participated in the Season 4 Kickstarter.

To be able to view the episodes, you must be logged in with an Ankama account on the Launcher. 


How do you watch Season 4 of the WAKFU series?

There will be various options for watching WAKFU Season 4: 

- For backers, i.e. those who donated to the Kickstarter from non-French countries, the series will be viewable on the Launcher, using a code to be emailed to you.

Navigate to the gift code section of the Launcher to use your code. 

- For the international community, special WAKFU Season 4 packs will be purchasable from the Launcher store to gain access to a simulcast of the episodes: 


→ S4 Animation Pack (international only):
- The complete series (13 episodes + the Oropo special)

- Brand-new in-game cosmetic items (DOFUS, DOFUS Touch, WAKFU, and WAVEN)

→ S4 Full Pack (international only):
- 13 episodes + the Oropo special 
- Brand-new in-game cosmetic items (DOFUS, DOFUS Touch, WAKFU, and WAVEN)
- The WAKFU webtoon (digital manga), a direct sequel to WAKFU Season 4


/!\ The pack will be linked to the Ankama account it was purchased on. We therefore suggest checking the account you're logged in with before purchasing one. 

/!\ Please note: Due to contractual obligations with France TV, episodes of WAKFU Season 4 will not be available in the shop for people in France - Andorra and Monaco, as they'll be broadcast through France TV on Okoo.(A supprimer pour les autres langues !!!!!)


A pack will also be accessible to all so you can continue the adventure and catch the sequel to Season 4 in webtoon format.
The webtoon will become available on Friday, April 19,  with a new episode coming out every week.


→ Webtoon Pack (international and in France):
- Brand-new in-game cosmetic items (DOFUS, DOFUS Touch, WAKFU, and WAVEN)
- The WAKFU digital manga, to get your fill of the sequel to Season 4 via pre-order

The episodes are voiced in French, with  subtitles  available in  English, French (including closed captioning), Spanish, and Portuguese. They will be accessible on the launcher after airing on France TV.


How often will episodes be available?

There will be two episodes available per week.

As for the packs, they will be purchasable until June 30; however, once the episodes are purchased, they will be valid for an unlimited number of views, as long as the on-demand audiovisual media service exists. 




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