[WAKFU] Ogrest Server Merger

When multiple single-account servers are opened, we're committed to merging them as soon as possible. The first merger is just around the corner; read on for the full details.



Combining Servers 

The four servers Ogrest FR1, Ogrest FR2, Ogrest FR3, and Ogrest FR4 will be merged into a new server: Ogrest FR.
The population of the Ogrest INT server is still very high at this time. We'd like to merge the new Ogrest FR server with the Ogrest INT server in a second phase, as soon as our indicators our positive. It's important for us to make sure the post-merger play experience is stable and high-quality. We'll of course let you know when this second and final merger of single-account servers is scheduled.


Data & Duration 

The first merger will happen on Thursday, February 1, starting at 7 a.m. (Paris time).

The servers being merged (Ogrest FR1, Ogrest FR2, Ogrest FR3, and Ogrest FR4) will undergo maintenance and, based on our estimates, will be inaccessible for about 8 hours.
This period includes the amount of time needed to complete the merger, plus that needed to run checks before reopening the new Ogrest FR server to the community.

Servers Ogrest INT, Pandora, and Rubilax will remain accessible during the merger operations.


Character Names

If there is a naming conflict (multiple characters with the same name), renaming rules will apply:

  • Out of characters who have been active in the last 6 months and are above level 50, the one that's been around the longest won't be renamed.
  • All other characters will be automatically renamed, with a tag (diminutive) indicating their server of origin in front of the character name.
  • A player whose character is automatically renamed will be able to rename them once at no cost.
  • All characters get one free rename at will, for a period of 2 months from the date of the merger.

If there is no conflict, the character won't be renamed.


Character Slots

By default, each account has 5 character slots per server.
Additional character slots can be purchased to increase this limit, up to 18 slots.

From the merger, this limit may potentially be exceeded (for example, accounts with 10 characters grouped on a single server, even though they only have 5 slots), with a maximum limit of 36 characters on one server.

If more than 36 characters end up on a merged server, the following system applies: 

  • The 36 highest-level and oldest characters from the servers being merged will be retained on the newly merged server.
  • The remaining characters are deleted.

An example:

  • Your account has: 18 character slots with 18 level-200 characters created on November 2, 2023, on server A; 18 other level-50 characters created on December 20, 2023, on server B; and another 18 level-50 characters created on January 10, 2024, on server C.
  • When servers A, B, and C merge to become new server D, your 18 highest-level characters from server A will be retained on server D.
  • Of the characters from servers B and C that are the same level, the oldest characters will be retained on new server D, i.e. the 18 characters from server B.
  • Since the limit of 36 characters has been reached on new server D, the lowest-level and newest characters are deleted (in this case, the characters on server C).
  • By going over the slot limit on an account, all the characters can be played. However, another new character can't be created as long as the number of characters on the server is the same as or higher than the number of character slots on the account.

An example:

  • Your account has 5 character slots, and you have 5 characters on server A and 5 more characters on server B.
  • After the merger, your characters from servers A and B will be grouped on the new server C.
  • So on server C, you'll have 10 characters and 5 slots.
  • To be able to create a new character on server C, you'll have to delete at least 6 characters to end up with 4 characters in 5 slots.



The same approach is used for guild names as the one for character names.

If there is a naming conflict (multiple guilds with the same name), renaming rules will apply:

  • Of guilds that have been active in the last 6 months (at least 1 member has logged in within the last 6 months), the one that's been around the longest won't be renamed.
  • All other guilds will be automatically renamed, with a tag (diminutive) indicating their server of origin in front of the guild name.
  • Any guild that is automatically renamed will be able to choose a new name once at no cost.

If there is no conflict, the character won't be renamed.

Guild chests will remain unchanged.


Politics and Governors

The entire political system will be reset (as happens when a new server goes live):

nations' laws

  • all kamas accumulated by nations
  • the territories controlled by nations
  • governors and members of nations' governments

Characters' nations and citizenship points have been retained.



  • Current times for battlefields will remain the same.
  • Nations' PvP rankings have been recalculated to account for all the characters on the new merged server.


Stasis Rankings in Dungeons

Characters' rankings in dungeons will be merged and recalculated.


Haven Bags

  • Bags in Haven Bags have been removed from the world.
  • Please note: The prices of items in display windows in Haven Bags won't change.
  • Resources in garden Haven Gems will remain after the merger.


Haven Bag Chests

  • If an account has Haven Bag chests on multiple servers (that were merged), the Haven Bag chest that contains the most items will not be modified, and the contents of the other Haven Bag chests will be transferred to read-only tabs.
  • "Remove only" chests are unaffected by the merger. They will remain "remove only".



When multiple servers are being merged, we calculate the average wealth of the accounts on each server.
A kama quantity index is calculated for each server, and the amounts of kamas owned are leveled upward.
In addition to kamas belonging to characters, this change will apply to kamas stored in guild chests, marketplace sales (ongoing and completed), and kamas waiting to be distributed (in the pending rewards interface).

Example pre-merger:

  • Server A: an average of 1 million kamas per active account (active in the last 6 months)
  • Server B: an average of 5 million kamas per active account (active in the last 6 months)

The accounts with characters on server B have an average of 5 times more kamas than those on server A.
The sums of kamas owned by the accounts on server A are multiplied by 5 when servers A and B are merged into the new server C.

This process ensures equal purchasing power between characters coming from different servers.



  • The kama factor (see above) will be applied to items for sale and items sold.
  • The kama factor is always greater than or equal to 1.
  • Ongoing and completed sales will remain. 



  • Since Update 1.80, professions have been linked to the account (server-wide). For each profession, the highest level is retained.



  • Cosmetics inventories will be merged and duplicates removed.


Average Prices

  • All average prices will be reset.


Kama Stones

  • All active sales of Kama Stones are canceled.
  • The average prices of Kama Stones are reset.


Gift Interface

  • tems in the gift interface will remain after the merger.


Friend List

The maximum size of the friend list won't increase with the merger:

  • If the friend lists from multiple servers being merged add up to over 100 friends, the excess friends will be deleted.
  • The same restrictions apply to ignore lists.
  • We recommend that players sort through their friend and ignore lists before the merger to avoid ending up in this kind of situation.


Progrest Bar

  •  The values of "Progrest bars" from merged servers will be added together.
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