[DOFUS] Transfer a character to another server

How do character transfers work?

Transferring your character to another server is a paid service available from the Shop. There is also a special offer that allows you to transfer several characters from one account.

To do this, visit the Shop in the game or on the website.


Once you have reserved the character transfer, you may continue using your character on their current server until the weekly maintenance for the servers following your transfer request.

This takes place every Tuesday.

Players can reserve or cancel their transfer until midnight on Sundays. Starting 12:01 a.m. on Mondays, reservations will apply to the following week's maintenance. If a transfer is canceled, the player's account will be recredited with the Ogrines spent.

 The number of transfers per server is subject to a quota. This is reset every Monday at 9:00 am, except in special situations that require manual adjustments. 


What can be transferred?

Can be transferred

  • The character's name, if available on the new server (1)
  • Equipped items
  • Inventory items
  • Mounts (2)
  • Mount inventory items

Cannot be transferred

  • The bank
  • Marketplace items (3)
  • Your house and the contents of chests in the house, as well as your guild, paddocks, and mounts in paddocks or stables (4)
  • The contents of the Haven bag

(1) If your character's name is already in use on the new server, you must change it. In this case, the nickname change is free.

(2) If you have mount certificates in your character's inventory before a transfer, they will be transferred to the bank on the original server. You can then recover these by logging in with a character on that server and going to the bank.

(3) You must retrieve any listed items before the transfer.

(4) Remember to put any items you want to bring on your character, and resell any homes or paddocks before leaving a server for good.


Are there any restrictions on character transfers?

The following restrictions apply:

  • Your character's level must be higher than 20 (unless you are transferring between Temporis servers).
  • There must be an open slot on the server for the character to be transferred.
  • The number of transfers on any given server is limited by quotas. Once these quotas have been reached, the server is no longer available in the list of destination servers until the following week.
  • Transfers cannot be done:
    • between servers of different types (classic, epic, single-account, and Temporis) with the exception of transfers from the Temporis and single-account servers to classic servers,.
    • if your account is permanently banned.

Be aware that if you use this service, your character will be automatically kicked out of your guild as soon as they arrive on the new server. If you are the leader and last active member of your guild, the guild will also be deleted.


Warning: Characters cannot be transferred to single-account servers or Temporis servers.
Transferring out of Shadow is also unavailable.

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