What is the Ankama Launcher?

It's a portal that lets you easily find everything in the Ankamaverse and experience unique adventures in the Krosmoz.

Its advantages? It lets you:

  • download, update and access our DOFUS, WAKFU and Krosmaga games through a single platform; and
  • launch several games or several instances of the same game simultaneously and jump easily from one to the other.

You'll also have access to the entire Ankamaverse in one click, with all the latest news and updates so you never miss a thing!


What's the difference between the Updater and the Ankama Launcher?

Unlike the current Updater, which only gives you access to our games, the Ankama Launcher also lets you see Ankama's transmedia content and news.

Once you've downloaded the Ankama Launcher and installed the games, you'll have a shortcut per game on your computer desktop. These shortcuts will all give you access to the same interface and will point to the last game played.


Is there a ZIP version?

No. The Ankama Launcher install files are as follows:


Do I have to use the Ankama Launcher?

Both systems to launch the games – the Updater and the Ankama Launcher – coexist.

For now, the Updater is installed by default, but players can install the Ankama Launcher if they want. It will eventually be offered to new players and current players updating their games. Consequently, if you currently play with the Updater, you have the choice of migrating and therefore downloading the Ankama Launcher [here], or sticking with the current Updater.

Please note:

  • If you choose to stick with the current Updater, in time you won't be able to update your game.
  • If you choose to download the Ankama Launcher, know that it won't automatically detect the games installed on your computer.


Can I play DOFUS  Rétro via the Ankama Launcher?

Yes. You need to check the "Show all versions" box in options to see version DOFUS Retro. (Reminder: That version is accessible only to subscribers.)


Are Ankama's security systems (Shield and Authenticator) handled by the Ankama Launcher?

Ankama Shield is taken into account only in the DOFUS game client.
The Ankama Authenticator works when you log on to the Ankama Launcher. You will therefore be protected in all that games that you launch via this platform.


How can I launch several instances of the same game?

You can launch the same game several times on the same computer. All you need to do is use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + x, with x being the number (between 1 and 9) of sessions you want to open. You will then need to log in to each session.

The Ankama Launcher will stay connected to your first session's account.


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