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FLY'N, now accessible from the Launcher and only for players on Windows, is a free game in which you play as the Buds, four characters with complementary powers who serve as guardians of the World-Trees. Only by switching between them and combining their efforts will you be able to find a way forward, even when the path ahead seems hopelessly blocked…


System Requirements



Operating System: Windows 7 (32-bit)

Operating System:Windows 7 or higher

Processor: Single Core 2.4 GHz

Processor:Pentium IV 2.8 GHz or equivalent (minimum)

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Display: Radeon 2400 Pro or Nvidia 8500 GT, Shader Model 3, 512 MB of video memory

Display: Radeon 4850 or Nvidia 9800 GT, Shader Model 3, 512 MB of video memory


This game was developed by Ankama in 2012. Therefore, depending on your system, you may be asked to download one or more plugins when installing the game.

Plugins required

DirectX (old version)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable

.Net Framework 3.5

XNA Framework

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