Super Nano Blaster Game

The game Super Nano Blaster is a retro-style shooter game available on the Ankama Launcher from 6/16/21.


It is a one-time purchase, with a preferential rate for players who have an active DOFUS subscription or a period with an active WAKFU booster totaling at least 30 days. 


System Requirements




Operating System

Windows 7 // High Sierra 10.13

Windows 7 // High Sierra 10.13


Intel Core 2 Duo

Intel Core i5


1 GB of memory

1 GB of memory

Disk space


1 GB of available space

1 GB of available space


DirectX 10 compatible, 256 Mb memory // Metal compatible, 256 Mb memory

Compatible  DirectX 10, 2 Gb de mémoire // Compatible Metal, 2Gb de mémoire



I get the error message "connection fail".

If you launch the game and get the "connection fail" error message, then we invite you to disconnect and reconnect to the Ankama Launcher, then restart the game. 


I'd like to report an in-game bug 

Please send reports of in-game bugs to this address – – and include the following information: 

  • Your Ankama account name
  • A description of the issue
  • Steps to replicate the bug
  • Your operating system




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