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DOFUS Touch is a mobile version (for smartphone or tablet) of the MMORPG DOFUS, making it one of the fullest tablet games in terms of content.

If you play DOFUS, be aware that DOFUS Touch is not synced with the PC version of DOFUS. That means you can't load up your DOFUS characters on the mobile version, nor can you log in to the game server you normally play on. So, to embark on your DOFUS Touch adventure, you'll have to create a whole new character on one of the dedicated servers.

To download the game, use one of the official platforms: the App Store or Google Play, depending on what mobile device you're using.


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Can it be downloaded or played on a PC?

Playing DOFUS Touch on a PC is not allowed.

Please play DOFUS Touch under the following conditions:

  • Only use a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) that has not been unlocked;
  • Use a DOFUS Touch application downloaded from one of these official platforms : the App Store or Google Play (current version);
  • Use a stable internet connection without a proxy or VPN;
  • And use a current version of iOS or Android.



Unable to download – Why is the game not available in my country ?

The reasons for the game being unavailable in your country are beyond Ankama's control, and they are related to decisions made by Google Play and the App Store.

Unfortunately, downloading the app through an alternate platform (like Aptoid) won't get around the restrictions imposed by Google Play and the App Store.


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