Add ou modify my phone number

Adding a phone number to my account

A cell phone number is an extremely important piece of account information. It allows you to manage your account and personal information quickly and safely.

It’s easy to link a cell phone number to your account!

Step 1 : Just go to your account management page.

Step2 : Enter your phone number. The number must include the international dialing code.

Step 3 : A verification code will be texted for free to the number you’ve entered. Once you enter the verification code, the phone number you’ve linked to the account will be valid.

Please note: You must own the cell phone in question (or have permission to use it).


Changing my phone number

Changing your phone number is subject to certain restrictions.

Some players are allowed to change their own phone number directly from their account management page. We assess the security level of each player's connection based on several parameters.

If your account is eligible, there will be an "edit" icon (see below) allowing you to modify your phone number.


Case #1: You are eligible

Step 1: Change your phone number directly from your account management.

Step 2: A security code will be sent to the email address linked to the account. Enter it and follow the steps to complete the process.

Case #2: You are not eligible

Please contact Ankama Support, who will be happy to help. When submitting your request, attach a copy of an official ID.

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