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We've all made our share of youthful mistakes, but some are harder to live with than others. Our crack team of Bontarian and Brakmarian bureaucrats is giving you a chance to go back and tweak your official records to erase the errors in your past – by changing your Ankama account nickname!

NOTE: this service relates to your player nickname associated with your Ankama account, and not the name of your character in the game!


Where do I buy this service?

Visit either the in-game Shop or the shop on the game website (for DOFUS and WAKFU).


How does it work? 

Your nickname is reserved for a period of one hour after your order is created. During this time, no one else can choose the same nickname.
Once your nickname has been changed, you will need to log out, then log back into the website in order for the change to take effect.



  • DOFUS FORUM: On the DOFUS forum, the nickname change will only apply to your new posts for now.
  • KROSMAGA: you must play a match before your nickname change will apply on the leaderboard. You must wait about one hour for the change to apply in chat as well.
  • WAKFU: You will need to log out, then log back into the game in order for the nickname change to take effect.

Only one purchase every thirty days per Ankama account is authorized for this service.
You must be able to authenticate your identity in your account (with the Authenticator or Shield, if active).



Nicknames are sometimes changed at Ankama's sole discretion in the following cases: 

  • It is unpronounceable (eg. sseezxgff)
  • It references a political, ethnic or religious orientation or view
  • It is vulgar or insulting 
  • It contains the user's first and/or last name 
  • It resembles or imitates the names of background characters in Ankama games (NPCs, heroes, etc.) 
  • It resembles or imitates a moderator's name, or the name of one of Ankama's employees.
  • It references an illegal product or behavior
  • It promotes a commercial service
  • It resembles or imitates a registered trademark or a copyrighted term


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